Transform Unwanted Trees into Statement Landscape Features

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If you’re situated in Brisbane and seeking to have your outdoor space re-designed and landscaped, it’s highly likely some current features will have to be removed – including trees.

Whether large or small, the removal of rooted trees is often essential to make the entire Brisbane landscaping process as simple and hassle-free as possible. However, just because long-standing trees may have to be removed, this doesn’t mean they’re destined to be wasted as mulch.

In fact, there are multiple methods in which old, unwanted trees can be used within the landscaping process itself. Able to be transformed into stunning, statement-making features guaranteed to impress, here’s some inspiration for how we’ve been landscaping Brisbane gardens without wasting trees.

Art features

Landscaping isn’t just about practicality – style plays an equally important part in the services we provide, with unwanted trees having incredible design potential!

When removing large, thick-set trees, long planks of smooth timber can easily be created.

Weather you are after a few plants or an entire make over we have it all.

Re-formed timber can be used to construct a wide variety of impressive art sculptures, instantly making a bold statement within your outdoor space.

And if large, expansive structures aren’t really your style, old trees can be transformed into smaller features too. Take this unique letterbox for example, crafted using smaller timber off-cuts from the same tree!


Offering a balance between functionality and style, many trees can also be transformed into garden furniture. Rustic and unique, using old trees for furniture is a great way to not only save money – but allow you to create truly bespoke pieces for your garden no one else will have!

Tree stumps are a great option for this. If large enough, a stump can be carved to create a distinctive seat perfect for relaxing in the garden or round the pool with friends. Or alternatively, could even be used as a sturdy table-top base ideal for outdoor dining.

Plant pots

Unfortunately, not all tree stumps have the ability to be carved into furniture pieces. For this to be achieved, a stump has to be large in size and very robust – but smaller, hollow stumps certainly have their functions throughout pools and landscapes Brisbane based.

Plant and flower pots are a great option, as hollow small stumps can easily be filled with soil and a plant of your choice. Guaranteed to produce a truly unique, one-of-a-kind flower planter, this method provides a stylish alternative to many of today’s basic plant pots.

Wall pallets

Ideal if the wood retrieved from a tree is too small to create an impressive sculpture but is still able to produce sizeable slabs, wall pallets are a great option.

Simply requiring a horizontal arrangement of simple wooden slats, you can place a wide variety of plants within the slats able to grow and flourish through the gaps – stylish and incredibly versatile.

And there you have it, some simple yet effective methods of transforming old trees into landscape masterpieces. So, if you have a well-loved tree you don’t want to part with, these are just a few options you can try to keep your tree a part of your garden.